PHILOSOPHY: Philosophy need not be an intellectual game or sensory pleasure where it is enjoyed for it’s mental gymnastics. Woven into the work are philosophical ideas whose purpose is to solve the problems that are peculiar to a human being.

The focus is on the individual because that is where the problems are located. The person, the individual just wants to be free from anxiety, to have a peaceful life. That is what determines the philosophical considerations in this whole body of work.

SEXUAL: It is the sexual nature of the human being that I recognise as the most pressing problem yet to be solved if we, as a species, are to fully realise our potential.

It took 200,000 years for human beings to spread around the world, from their African beginnings, they conquered every niché. Then 10,000 years ago we discovered agriculture and conquered our dependence on hunting and gathering which created huge societies. Over the past 300 years we have conquered virtually every limitation with our mastery of atomic structure, and thus we have arrived at a brink, a fork in the development of the human species. We appear though to be stuck; a slave to our sexuality. This is the final frontier.

It is my contention that unless or until we solve this final peculiarly human conundrum that we are destined to stagnate as a species, unable to reach the potential that has been thrust upon us. This site delineates the problems and proposes the solutions.

To move into the next major human era we need to transcend the purely biological nature of sex to fully express our humanity in the exceedingly complex realm of our sexual interactions. In spite of our technological mastery we are still slaves to this biological imperative. Bill Clinton, as a symbolic representation of both the most powerful, technologically accomplished nation on Earth, and the collective sexual nature of men, makes it excruciatingly obvious that we need to move forward.

It is an exciting time for humanity, but an apparent misunderstanding of our sexual nature has left the ability to transcend this final hurdle, unfulfilled. This site aims to address that and will deal with all the problems that human beings have regarding sex. Self esteem, anger, jealousy, fear, obsession, intimacy, abuse, objectification and other problems which have become more urgent as the age of the internet has created a virtual global village, will be solved once and for all. At the very least I will show you a way out which you are free to take. The choice is yours to make.

PRACTICAL: This is the key word to keep in mind because the aim of this body of knowledge, which is entirely original and not based on anyone else’s work will identify all the key problems regarding the sexual side of human beings, from dysfunctional presidents and sex abusing clergy, to the frustrations of seemingly ideal marriages that end up in anger, jealousy and lonliness whether it be the ordinary person or celebrities like Tom Cruise or Prince Charles.

I will be tackling age old and seemingly intractable problems, with new insight and carefully analysed enquiry that the reader will want to put into practice once the solutions become clear. Every issue I discuss is connected to every other issue, sometimes in surprising ways.

© copyright 2012 Andrew Brahm